Municipality of Emerson-Franklin

115 Waddell Avenue East Box 66 Dominion City


Franklin History
The Sturgeon
"The biggest fish ever caught in Manitoba waters” was measured at 15 feet long and weighed over 400 pounds. This fresh water sturgeon was an estimate one hundred and fifty years old at time of capture...
Wounded Warrior Site
During the late 1700’s and early 1800’s, encounters between the Ojibwa and Sioux in the study area were undoubtedly frequent. At See-bos-qui-tan (Roseau Rapids) there was said to have been two large ‘rifle pits’ dug by the Ojibwa as a defence against Sioux raiding parties...
The Swinging Cable Bridge
The Swinging Cable Bridge, a vernacular version of a light-cabled bridge, is one of only four known pedestrian suspension bridges in Manitoba and the only one protected as a heritage site...

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