Municipality of Emerson-Franklin

115 Waddell Avenue East Box 66 Dominion City


Staff Members
Tracey French CAO 427-2557
Tammy Anstett Assistant CAO 427-2557
Jeanette Sabourin Administrative Assistant 373-2002
Tanya Kohut Office Assistant 427-2557
Jackie DeSpiegelaere Office Assistant 373-2002
Public Works 
Shawn French Public Works Manager
Allan Dixon LUD Supervisor 373-2002
Melvin Lischynski Operator/Sub Foreman 427-2557
Mike Kantimer Operator 427-2557
Jake Friesen  Operator 427-2557
Donnie Budey Operator 427-2557
Daryl Dubois Operator 427-2557
Mike Froom Public Works/ Utility Operator 427-2557
Barry Knutt  Public Works/ Utility Operator 373-2002
Murray Ihme Public Works/ Utility Operator 373-2002
Donna Walters Transfer Station 427-3088
Robert Budey
Weed Superintendent 427-2557
John Baier Public Works/Utility Operator 373-2002
Building Inspector
Larry Chubey
[email protected]
Building Inspector 427-2557 (office)
427-2059 (home)
746-4032 (cell)


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